High Scores

The table of the fastest typists for the last few days, arranged by their scores from best to worst. Typing score is measured from typing speed, text length, the number of different characters in the text, and the number of errors. The formula is designed in such a way to reward for a faster speed, longer text and a larger alphabet, but to punish for the number of errors.

#UserTyping SpeedScore
1CECircular Earwig114 WPM/572 CPM135084 POINTS
2LDLucky Dragonfly115 WPM/573 CPM129269 POINTS
3PVPermanent Vulture106 WPM/531 CPM128906 POINTS
4Brandon Park103 WPM/517 CPM106461 POINTS
5Abz101 WPM/503 CPM102089 POINTS
6Yye88 WPM/440 CPM101798 POINTS
7Stevan Veljkovic83 WPM/416 CPM96212 POINTS
8charbel khairallah88 WPM/442 CPM93881 POINTS
9Ruben Sevland79 WPM/396 CPM91975 POINTS
10Doru Muresan79 WPM/395 CPM90969 POINTS
11BBBlush Bovid86 WPM/429 CPM88717 POINTS
12Mmidnightphantom3000136 WPM/678 CPM87435 POINTS
13Jonathas Castilho79 WPM/394 CPM85545 POINTS
14Jeremiah Lynch139 WPM/695 CPM84401 POINTS
15BMBad Manatee76 WPM/380 CPM84299 POINTS
16Kailun Li79 WPM/397 CPM82449 POINTS
17HMHelpless Mongoose78 WPM/388 CPM82287 POINTS
18ELExtraordinary Loon74 WPM/368 CPM82270 POINTS
19Bbearnub.builds134 WPM/669 CPM81284 POINTS
20Angel Navarro139 WPM/695 CPM76144 POINTS