High Scores

The table of fastest typists for the last seven days, arranged by score, from best to worst. Typing score is measured from typing speed, sample length, number of different characters in the sample and number of errors.

#UserTyping SpeedScore
1Soulz Reaper101 WPM/503 CPM68785 POINTS
2Sam Van Hoogstraat132 WPM/658 CPM58731 POINTS
3Hayden Rohlf74 WPM/368 CPM58335 POINTS
4João Lourenço71 WPM/356 CPM57321 POINTS
5David Lee70 WPM/349 CPM54250 POINTS
6Sandy Paul59 WPM/294 CPM51747 POINTS
7Jason Tat120 WPM/600 CPM51060 POINTS
8Joannie Pratts62 WPM/310 CPM50782 POINTS
9sebestian1993156 WPM/279 CPM47998 POINTS
10Leonardo Venturini118 WPM/591 CPM47100 POINTS
11Javier Barahona112 WPM/561 CPM46972 POINTS
12Joshua Sorenson112 WPM/559 CPM46797 POINTS
13Vincent Chiang109 WPM/546 CPM46443 POINTS
14Marius Palade60 WPM/299 CPM45752 POINTS
15conrad.pritzker114 WPM/568 CPM45202 POINTS
16gregor.kers75 WPM/374 CPM43572 POINTS
17Ivan Goodman105 WPM/523 CPM43515 POINTS
18Alexandre Marcotte102 WPM/511 CPM43291 POINTS
19Ivan Ivanov91 WPM/454 CPM43178 POINTS
20M Gr94 WPM/472 CPM41664 POINTS