High Scores

The table of the fastest typists for the last few days, arranged by the scores from best to worst. Typing score is measured from typing speed, text length, the number of different characters in the text and the number of errors. The formula is designed in such a way to reward for a faster speed, a longer text and a larger alphabet, but to punish for the number of errors.

#UserTyping SpeedScore
1PAProtestant Anaconda147 WPM/737 CPM157305 POINTS
2Sub2PewDiePie150 WPM/749 CPM154234 POINTS
3Kyle Shifflett110 WPM/548 CPM111693 POINTS
4Jinchi Wei99 WPM/493 CPM101164 POINTS
5Stevan Veljkovic86 WPM/429 CPM100901 POINTS
6IBInland Bobolink79 WPM/396 CPM92751 POINTS
7Anh Nguyen113 WPM/563 CPM89551 POINTS
8Noah Heldman92 WPM/460 CPM87050 POINTS
91114036398473 WPM/367 CPM81760 POINTS
10SPSleepy Pelican135 WPM/675 CPM81324 POINTS
11TFTense Flea130 WPM/650 CPM80782 POINTS
12Nick Krupa73 WPM/363 CPM80528 POINTS
13SEShaky Emu129 WPM/645 CPM80303 POINTS
14Richard BLANC133 WPM/663 CPM77969 POINTS
15Rashedul Hoque Chowdhury132 WPM/660 CPM77616 POINTS
16SESolid Elk106 WPM/532 CPM77183 POINTS
17Developer Fieldnotes75 WPM/373 CPM76480 POINTS
18ASAcademic Shrimp68 WPM/338 CPM75300 POINTS
19Levon Aghamalyan117 WPM/583 CPM67045 POINTS
20Chan Hung Nguyen116 WPM/580 CPM65366 POINTS