High Scores

The table of fastest typists for the last seven days, arranged by score, from best to worst. Typing score is measured from typing speed, sample length, number of different characters in the sample and number of errors.

#UserTyping SpeedScore
1Rredalaraxe6139 WPM/696 CPM114478 POINTS
2Ssebestian1993176 WPM/382 CPM66131 POINTS
3Sam Van Hoogstraat145 WPM/725 CPM60717 POINTS
4Ccdittric65 WPM/325 CPM60276 POINTS
5Jared Bottom130 WPM/649 CPM58598 POINTS
6CateDoge118 WPM/588 CPM54720 POINTS
7Brandon Chung125 WPM/627 CPM53059 POINTS
8Jason Tat115 WPM/574 CPM52812 POINTS
9Dmitrioligy120 WPM/599 CPM52626 POINTS
10Robert Lau114 WPM/572 CPM52313 POINTS
11David Lee58 WPM/292 CPM50522 POINTS
12Sandy Paul57 WPM/283 CPM50480 POINTS
13Kevin Kim (That Hobo)112 WPM/561 CPM50101 POINTS
14deadlysky07113 WPM/563 CPM49420 POINTS
15Nnhlboy111118 WPM/591 CPM49182 POINTS
16Nnick.sakov112 WPM/560 CPM48929 POINTS
17João Lourenço59 WPM/297 CPM48343 POINTS
18Mees Hendriks71 WPM/353 CPM47828 POINTS
19M Gr100 WPM/501 CPM45567 POINTS
20Matthew Anthony103 WPM/515 CPM43118 POINTS