High Scores

The table of the fastest typists for the last few days, arranged by the scores from best to worst. Typing score is measured from typing speed, text length, the number of different characters in the text and the number of errors. The formula is designed in such a way to reward for a faster speed, a longer text and a larger alphabet, but to punish for the number of errors.

#UserTyping SpeedScore
1Siavash Bahramian149 WPM/747 CPM168523 POINTS
2Captain Colloid148 WPM/740 CPM166248 POINTS
3Deformer CR139 WPM/695 CPM163325 POINTS
4great.ymous127 WPM/634 CPM148508 POINTS
5Kaylah Ryleigh126 WPM/631 CPM136864 POINTS
6breaknet91107 WPM/537 CPM110579 POINTS
7Jake Duckett101 WPM/506 CPM98771 POINTS
8Meet Patel89 WPM/445 CPM96618 POINTS
9louregni72 WPM/358 CPM88612 POINTS
10Robert84 WPM/421 CPM87619 POINTS
11Yutao Gui139 WPM/695 CPM87222 POINTS
12Angel Navarro140 WPM/698 CPM86901 POINTS
13Corey Lehmann139 WPM/694 CPM86403 POINTS
14trey hanckok82 WPM/412 CPM86100 POINTS
15deleted user132 WPM/660 CPM85114 POINTS
16Anh Nguyen108 WPM/541 CPM84980 POINTS
17Academic Shrimp67 WPM/333 CPM84362 POINTS
18CateDoge78 WPM/388 CPM83110 POINTS
19hisface35133 WPM/667 CPM82708 POINTS
20Jian Ern Tan132 WPM/661 CPM82625 POINTS