High Scores

The table of the fastest typists for the last few days, arranged by their scores from best to worst. Typing score is measured from typing speed, text length, the number of different characters in the text, and the number of errors. The formula is designed in such a way to reward for a faster speed, longer text and a larger alphabet, but to punish for the number of errors.

#UserTyping SpeedScore
1User imageLittleMagic107 WPM/535 CPM115219 POINTS
2PMProductive Minnow93 WPM/465 CPM112055 POINTS
3AKAmused Kiwi94 WPM/469 CPM103492 POINTS
4User imageTrey Wilkinson88 WPM/440 CPM100093 POINTS
5TRTough Raccoon86 WPM/429 CPM95077 POINTS
6User imageManzur E Mawla79 WPM/396 CPM90094 POINTS
7MPMarginal Piranha86 WPM/431 CPM87393 POINTS
8NPNormal Pinniped81 WPM/405 CPM87243 POINTS
9User imageLemon78 WPM/390 CPM85713 POINTS
10TRTeal Roundworm143 WPM/713 CPM84882 POINTS
11TKTremendous Krill139 WPM/697 CPM84328 POINTS
12RTRedundant Toucan77 WPM/387 CPM84040 POINTS
13User imageHasan Özovalı80 WPM/398 CPM83417 POINTS
14ILItchy Lizard140 WPM/700 CPM83278 POINTS
15CPCommercial Pinniped82 WPM/408 CPM83139 POINTS
16User imageHamza EL Kaiche135 WPM/677 CPM82563 POINTS
17HMHelpless Mongoose85 WPM/424 CPM78281 POINTS
18HGHilarious Guineafowl126 WPM/628 CPM77847 POINTS
19User imageXupNext128 WPM/640 CPM76848 POINTS
20HNHarlequin Newt71 WPM/355 CPM75117 POINTS