High Scores

The table of the fastest typists for the last few days, arranged by the scores from best to worst. Typing score is measured from typing speed, text length, the number of different characters in the text and the number of errors. The formula is designed in such a way to reward for a faster speed, a longer text and a larger alphabet, but to punish for the number of errors.

#UserTyping SpeedScore
1Willie Poh128 WPM/640 CPM117760 POINTS
2Md. Nurul Mashraque104 WPM/521 CPM102960 POINTS
3Dr. Chirag Patel128 WPM/639 CPM98150 POINTS
4Sebest Ian81 WPM/406 CPM93900 POINTS
5Rob Shvarts83 WPM/413 CPM89291 POINTS
6Mohamed Saafaan78 WPM/392 CPM89188 POINTS
7Noah Heldman86 WPM/430 CPM87092 POINTS
8Simon Berens77 WPM/385 CPM86425 POINTS
9Kkennywong93115 WPM/576 CPM85893 POINTS
10Yye81 WPM/407 CPM82735 POINTS
11Eeminem.kumar69 WPM/343 CPM80001 POINTS
12João Lourenço70 WPM/348 CPM79845 POINTS
13offline IQ80 WPM/398 CPM79751 POINTS
14Tín Lê133 WPM/664 CPM79043 POINTS
15Aangel.nm127 WPM/634 CPM78933 POINTS
16Kim Ly125 WPM/626 CPM77937 POINTS
171114036398468 WPM/340 CPM77683 POINTS
18Stephen Huang122 WPM/608 CPM77216 POINTS
19Jason Tat117 WPM/587 CPM73082 POINTS
20Johan Oldenburg117 WPM/585 CPM68082 POINTS