High Scores

The table of fastest typists for the last seven days, arranged by score, from best to worst. Typing score is measured from typing speed, sample length, number of different characters in the sample and number of errors.

#UserTyping SpeedScore
1 balazs.marton1236 WPM/1180 CPM152635 POINTS
2 Corey Lehmann144 WPM/718 CPM53075 POINTS
3 Hayden Rohlf76 WPM/380 CPM52806 POINTS
4 jbourn143 WPM/716 CPM51527 POINTS
5 sharad kumar93 WPM/465 CPM49794 POINTS
6 Piotr Markowicz71 WPM/356 CPM48924 POINTS
7 Radim Š.85 WPM/427 CPM44088 POINTS
8 Bilal Assi82 WPM/412 CPM43093 POINTS
9 Carter Crowe65 WPM/324 CPM40389 POINTS
10 Adam Hjerpe62 WPM/311 CPM39259 POINTS
11 Maarten Berkenbosch59 WPM/297 CPM39106 POINTS
12 astefanilo111 WPM/555 CPM38124 POINTS
13 hkhimanshu24108 WPM/540 CPM37291 POINTS
14 Alex Li102 WPM/512 CPM36835 POINTS
15 Nils Linde53 WPM/266 CPM36452 POINTS
16 Carlos Santiago Galindo Jiménez100 WPM/499 CPM35146 POINTS
17 radouan aghazzaf247 WPM/1234 CPM33770 POINTS
18 Vipul Uchil77 WPM/385 CPM26549 POINTS
19 Greene Jesse179 WPM/893 CPM25000 POINTS
20 Egor Kovetskiy107 WPM/536 CPM24652 POINTS