High Scores

The table of fastest typists for the last seven days, arranged by score, from best to worst. Typing score is measured from typing speed, sample length, number of different characters in the sample and number of errors.

#UserTyping SpeedScore
1 呆风199 WPM/995 CPM81698 POINTS
2 jbourn103 WPM/517 CPM68503 POINTS
3 Jms Logistics291 WPM/1453 CPM61047 POINTS
4 Hamza Amjad90 WPM/450 CPM57481 POINTS
5 md.iqbalhossainju273 WPM/1367 CPM55446 POINTS
6 Joseph Andresen167 WPM/833 CPM52456 POINTS
7 Radim Š.88 WPM/439 CPM47612 POINTS
8 Otis Jay68 WPM/341 CPM45102 POINTS
9 Kmak Cruise127 WPM/634 CPM44931 POINTS
10 abdoul karim diallo283 WPM/1416 CPM43517 POINTS
11 micklepru65 WPM/323 CPM43145 POINTS
12 Michael Seong Hwan Kim120 WPM/601 CPM42272 POINTS
13 Cesar Aaron112 WPM/559 CPM39073 POINTS
14 Sandy Paul55 WPM/274 CPM37477 POINTS
15 Michael Carroll58 WPM/290 CPM37364 POINTS
16 Marek Jankowski103 WPM/515 CPM37328 POINTS
17 Sam VanHoogstraat110 WPM/552 CPM37139 POINTS
18 小石头149 WPM/746 CPM36505 POINTS
19 David Hood104 WPM/520 CPM36103 POINTS
20 Subham Satyajeet49 WPM/243 CPM33070 POINTS