High Scores

The table of fastest typists for the last seven days, arranged by score, from best to worst. Typing score is measured from typing speed, sample length, number of different characters in the sample and number of errors.

#UserTyping SpeedScore
1 jbourn95 WPM/476 CPM67849 POINTS
2 astefanilo96 WPM/478 CPM53381 POINTS
3 Randall Barrios82 WPM/410 CPM49237 POINTS
4 Noah Heldman92 WPM/458 CPM49073 POINTS
5 Soulz Reaper135 WPM/677 CPM47095 POINTS
6 Radim Š.82 WPM/410 CPM46671 POINTS
7 Adam Hjerpe69 WPM/344 CPM43483 POINTS
8 micklepru59 WPM/297 CPM41557 POINTS
9 ira Yeung283 WPM/1415 CPM41416 POINTS
10 Carter A Crowe100 WPM/498 CPM38334 POINTS
11 Mateo Benjumea107 WPM/536 CPM37708 POINTS
12 Cesar Aaron107 WPM/536 CPM37244 POINTS
13 Sam VanHoogstraat112 WPM/558 CPM37084 POINTS
14 Sandy Paul55 WPM/274 CPM36939 POINTS
15 Daniel Beese110 WPM/549 CPM36691 POINTS
16 Mateusz Belczyk105 WPM/523 CPM36597 POINTS
17 sharad kumar295 WPM/1474 CPM36557 POINTS
18 Dillon Bagley254 WPM/1271 CPM36461 POINTS
19 João Lourenço51 WPM/257 CPM36185 POINTS
20 Samuel Carvalho Santos99 WPM/497 CPM34999 POINTS