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This mode will automatically generate typing lessons with random words in pseudo-English language. The key set is expanded dynamically based on user performance.

Lesson's key set:

Legend: ? Least confident ? Most confident ? Boosted frequency ? Manually included by user ? Not included

Generated lesson example:

Paste web site url here, its content will be imported for exercises:

Examples: Wikipedia random article, www.nytimes.com, www.theonion.com.

Paste your custom text here, it will be used in exercises:

Examples: Jabberwocky, Lorem Ipsum, A Short Story.

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    For the purpose of typing measurement, each word is standardized to be five characters or keystrokes long, including spaces and punctuation.

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    With a single click of the mouse, you will be able to import any web page into keybr to type its contents. But first, you need to install the keybr button in your browser. To do so, drag the link provided below into your browser's bookmarks toolbar:

    KEYBR.COM ← Drag this button to your bookmarks bar!

    to get the effect like in the picture below:

    That's all.

    Later, when you visit a web page, if you decide to practice typing, you can click the bookmark link to import the current page into keybr.com and type it out.

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